I Love Joey Ramone


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Does anyone else love Joey as much as me idk man he’s like my spirit animal my husband my life goals he’s like my everything

Me. Heaven is a place on Earth with him. He is my everything!

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Anonymous asked: imagine if joey was a friendly ghost who watched over you and kept you safe and happy

Imagine no, dahling! He IS my angel. I’m 100% sure that he is taking care of me.

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Does anyone else wish they could be friends with their favorite band member? I don’t mean friends as in you follow each other on social media sites and you let everyone know because you just wanna say you know them, I mean you really just wish you could talk to them and laugh with them and you would keep down about it because you are friends and it’s not about the fame or the fact that they’re attractive as hell, you just genuinely wish you had their company.

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